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About Us

Pensa that is established in 1989 in Istanbul with the purpose of producing PVC Windows and Door Profiles started its WPC* (Wood and Polymer Composite) production with Pensawood brand in 2010 with its background and experience in this field. Pensawood performs its high quality production with its high-tech German-production machines. Pensawood carries out quality control in each step of the production with an expert staff which is subjected to in-service training perpetually. Pensawood has become indispensable preference of architects, engineers and decorators with its product having extensive color and pattern options and designed by considering all climatic conditions. WPC: consists of mixture of wood chips and plastics. It contains neutrality of the wood and longevity of plastics and it is eco-friendly with its recycling property. It is quite resistant against water, impact, fire and infestation.

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